Where the Bedford Boys landed, H Hour, 6.32am, Dog Green, Omaha, June 6

Alex Kershaw has hosted several tours in Europe, including Kalos Golf’s 70th Anniversary D Day cruise and the National World War II Museum’s 70th Anniversary Battle of the Bulge tour in 2014. He regularly leads battlefield/history tours for private individuals, businesses, museums and educational institutions. Through careful consultation, Kershaw creates bespoke journeys based on his own unique knowledge of the history and terrain, totally immersing the traveler in the period and place by visiting beaches, airfields, foxholes and other key locations in his widely-acclaimed and best-selling books about WWII in Europe. When appropriate, he teams with experts and the very best guides and tour operators to provide a truly memorable adventure in history.

Travel with Kershaw to experience some of the greatest moments in history:

  • The Battle of the Bulge – “The Longest Winter” Expedition
  • D-Day and Normandy – “The Bedford Boys” Expedition
  • Churchill’s England – “The Few” Expedition
  • Southern Italy and Rome – “The Liberator” Expedition

Please email at for sample itineraries, references and to discuss your needs for a custom-made history tour.



Mr. Kershaw provides one-day tours of the D Day beaches, visiting Pegasus Bridge, Point du Hoc, Utah, St. Mere Eglise and retracing the footsteps of the Bedford Boys on Omaha Beach before finishing the day at the Colleville sur Mer graveyard. Please contact him for availability.

D DAY 360

Join Alex Kershaw as he journeys with PBS to Omaha Beach and Bedford Virginia to tell the story of The Bedford Boys



• “Alex’s commentary brought a very personal insight to the people and events of Normandy and the Bulge.” —David L., Tempe, Arizona
• “Alex did a splendid job. Courteous, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and engaged. I could not hope for more. I appreciated the balance of a larger scope of history with the human stories interwoven.” —Rebecca R., Lexington, Massachusetts
• “Alex Kershaw was a terrific historian—both informing and entertaining us throughout the trip.” —David B, Danville, California
• “The tour was excellent, food was great and hotels were very nice. Having Alex Kershaw made the entire trip!” — Kristin S., Burleson, Texas
• “I could not have been more impressed. Alex Kershaw was fascinating and the trip was five stars throughout.” —Richard R., Jacksonville, Florida
• “It was awesome! I’m a huge Alex Kershaw fan so it was great to visit some of the spots he talks about in his books.” —Constance S., Chelsea, Alabama

Guests lining up on Omaha Beach as the Bedford Boys did on 6 June 1944.